DBSANCA support group member who participated in the mid 1990s (Dominion)

When attended: Twice in the mid 1990s for two week sessions, with a year between each


Her experience with the Partial Hospitalization program:

She went in directly from hospitalization at Dominion Hospital the first time; the second time she checked in on her own from the outside.  The hospital took care of intake the first time.  The second time intake was easy.  She got a referral from her doctor. The intake staff asked questions to make sure your insurance was going to cover the stay.

She especially remembers what it was like before her second participation in the program. She was depressed, in bed most of the time. Her boss said if she wanted short-term disability she needed treatment so she signed up for the program.  The best thing was that it got her out of bed for 7 hours a day.

Every day she set goals for the evening before she returned to her home.  One goal was to stay up until bedtime, another was to do laundry, another take a shower.

The program was a safe place with people going through the same thing as she. A good aspect was that she socialized with others in the program. They set goals for every day. They also had therapy daily.  The group therapy focused on immediate problem and setting goals around that problem.

There were 10 or so people in the program.  As she recalls there was not a lot of diversity.  There was a core group of attendees.  Some attended every other day. 

Aspects of the program that she particularly liked:

  • Doing the goal setting was helpful, although she didn’t always follow it
  • Group therapy
  • The fact that she could socialize with other participants
  • The staff was very nice

Aspects of the program she did not like:


Whether, if she needed to participate in an outpatient program, she would sign up again:


Whether she would recommend the program to other DBSA members, and if so with what caveats, if any.

Yes.  The only caveat is that it has been a long time since she participated in the program.

Personal impacts

The program had a positive impact on her because of the structure and goal setting. Knowing it is there and available is helpful, that there is some place one can go without having to be fully hospitalized.