DBSANCA support group member who participated in 2006 (Dominion)

When attended: 2006 for five days

His experience with the program:

When he was released from another hospital’s inpatient program his doctor suggested a day treatment program.  The program at Dominion started at 10 am and ended at 4 pm.  Most of the people had been inpatients at Dominion Hospital, some came from other hospitals or only participated in the day patient program.

When patients first arrived they would meet with a psychiatrist assigned to them by the day treatment program.  Then the participants would break into groups.  There were about 4 or 5 groups each day.   Each group covered a theme such as how do you make your day productive.

The program took place on a whole floor with a common room in the middle. Between meetings the participants would socialize or make personal phone calls. For lunch participants would go to a cafeteria in the building

Everyone was assigned to a social worker, who would try to have at least one meeting with a family member or members.  At that time he didn’t want his wife to come and the social worker respected that decision.  A social worker or a psychiatric nurse ran the groups.

Before discharge the staff would try to set up each participant with a psychiatrist or a therapist if s/he didn’t already have one.  To do this they would go down a list of psychiatrists/therapists who participated in the individual’s insurance program.  They were not necessarily matching the participant with the best available doctor.

Aspects of the program that the person particularly liked:

  • The group meetings were practical.

  • The therapists who ran the meetings were good.

  • It was helpful that they tried to make sure the patient was seeing a psychiatrist and therapist when discharged.

  • It was good that they wanted to meet with family members.

Aspects of program he did not like: 

  • The psychiatrist assigned to him spent very little time talking to him.  The doctor only asked a little about the patient’s medical history

 Whether, if he needed to participate in an outpatient program, he would sign up again:


Whether he would recommend the program to other DBSA members