Outpatient Day Treatment Programs

The purpose of this section of the Washington, D.C. DBSA website (DBSANCA) is to provide interested individuals with information about three Outpatient Day Treatment (or Partial Hospitalization) programs available in the Washington area:

  • Georgetown Hospital’s Partial Psychiatric Hospital program (Washington, D.C.),
  • Suburban Hospital’s Intensive Outpatient /Day Treatment program (Bethesda, MD),
  • Dominion Hospital’s Partial Hospitalization program (Falls Church, VA).

The information comes from two sources: (1) interviews with individuals responsible for directing these programs or who work at the hospital and are very familiar with the program; and (2) interviews with five participants in the DBSANCA support group who have participated in these programs.  All interview write ups available, below, have been reviewed and approved by the interviewee, as is or with requested changes.

The following topics were addressed in the interviews with program directors/individuals knowledgeable about each of the three programs:

  • General information about the program
  • Program schedule and duration
  • Intake process
  • Therapeutic approach(es) used
  • Number and qualifications of the program staff
  • Availability of a psychiatrist and, if so, nature of role with patients
  • Follow up after the program, if any
  • Date, if available, on what happens to patients after they complete the program

Topics addressed in interviews with DBSANCA support group members who have participated in these programs include:

  • The individual’s experience with the program.
  • Aspects of the program that the individual interviewed liked
  • Aspects of the program that the individual interviewed did not like
  • Whether the individual would sign up for the program gain
  • Whether the individual would recommend the program to other DBSANCA members.

This website will periodically be updated as more DBSANCA support group members share their experiences with these and other Outpatient Day Programs.

Organization of this site

This site is organized as follows:

  • This introductory page, which at the end (see below) provides links to information obtained on each of the three programs.
  • A page on each program.  Each page (a) contains the interview carried out with the program provider and (b) a summary of what the DBSANCA  support group member had to say about the program
  • For those interested, the write up of relevant interviews with DBSANCA support group members.



Partial Psychiatric Hospital program (Georgetown Hospital),

Intensive Outpatient /Day Treatment program (Suburban Hospital),

Partial Hospitalization program (Dominion Hospital).